The creator of the Red Cabbage Cafe Is Lola Bravo. Lola believes that the cuisine of Mexico is as varied as Chinese, Italian or French cuisine. Every region has its own style and specialties and every chef has their own way of creating a dish. The experience of Mexican food in the U.S. and Canada rarely encompasses the wide variety of flavors and ingredients found in classic Mexican cuisine. Preparation can be very labor intensive and there are no shortcuts to producing the best this cuisine has to offer. It is this type of food that Lola and Carmen create at The Red Cabbage Cafe.

Kitchen Hours

  • 5pm to 11pm Monday - Saturday

  • Closed on Sunday

Red Cabbage Cafe * Calle Rivera del Rio 204A * Colonia: Remance, Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco * Phone: 322-223-0411

We will be closing for the summer on July 1st.

Opening again on October 1st

No reservations required through June 30th!